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The goal of the Professional Mixed Martial Arts League is to take a relatively new pro sports concept of mixed martial arts and move it into a legitimate team format, with a new level of credibility, excitement, and success, and launch the first truly national mixed martial arts league! Now, for the first time in combative sports, each fight will mean something to the fans in the seats. It will not just be one fight after another fight after another fight, featuring fighters that very few customers even know or recognize. Now it will be… “us” battling “them”! It will be the “good guys” facing the “bad guys”! It will be city vs city! Now combative sports fans will have a reason to stay till the end of each show as the last bout of the night could determine who wins!

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It is intended that the PMMAL launch in 2024 with a national league of 32 teams spanning the USA in four geographic areas of the West, Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast.


The Professional Mixed Martial Arts League will take the action and excitement that the UFC and Bellator and ONE have brought to the sport, and transplant it into a legitimate team concept arena; finally giving the sports fans the opportunity to enjoy “live” mixed martial arts action at affordable prices.


For the first time ever, the sport of mixed martial arts will have a 12 month season!


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