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The Professional Mixed Martial Arts League will institute a new and exciting Fighters' Compensation Formula, to ensure that each fighter, in each and every fight, has a reason to give maximum effort.


Now, winning will mean more than an improvement of a fighter's record, it will mean a lot bigger financial reward.

The Professional Mixed Martial Arts League will introduce a hybrid player compensation concept that takes an individual sport and turns it into a team sport. If a fighter wins their bout and scores points for the win, they will help their team toward winning the match, and the Team Bonus awarded. The winning team will receive a payment substantially higher than if they lose. What better way to ensure that every bout is highly competitive. 

Add to this, a fighter's performance bonus pay structured for extraordinary efforts, and the incentive to perform at the highest level is ensured. Finally, a league that gives "the fans their money's worth" is what the PMMAL will be all about!

All fighters receive guarantee purse of $2,500 per fight

Six fighters on winning team split $3,000 team win bonus per match

Fighters Performance Bonuses:

• Quickest Knockout of the Night - $250

• Quickest Submission of the Night - $250

• Any Knockout Win of the Night - $100

• Fighter scoring most points during regular season is named PMMAL MVP and receives MVP Belt and $1,000 bonus

• Fighter scoring most Knockout Wins during regular season is named PMMAL Knockout King and wins Belt and $500 bonus

All PMMAL teams will qualify for each season's PMMAL Championships

Opening Rounds - Quarterfinals - Semi Finals - Championship Finals

The format will be single elimination, one loss and team eliminated

Teams are seeded one to four based on final conference division standings with best record playing worst record and so forth

Best record of team in each Championship Playoffs match gets home advantage

PMMAL office covers all playoff purse payouts and Championship awards

PMMAL League Office retains all Championship Playoff revenue

All fighters in playoffs receive purse amounts as follows:

  • Opening Round - $2,000 to each winner & $1,000 to each loser

  • Quarterfinals - $3,000 to each winner & $1,500 to each loser

  • Semifinals - $4,000 to each winner & $2,000 to each loser

  • Championship - $5,000 each winner & $2,500 to each loser

  • Championship team members each get belt and ring

  • Fighters on the championship team each earn $14,000 in less than two months!

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